Thursday, April 22, 2010

"All fired up!"

"Thank you God for this food and bless the hands that have prepared it. Amen" That is the 1st time I have ever heard my mom say a blessing in my life. But you know what....that woman ate her meal like a hostage. She ate and ate and ate. Momma's appetite has come back with a vengeance. The Walmart brand pretzels....."When you get up give me just 2 more pretzels" "when you get up I only want 3 more than that" "Kristi, dont do it now but when you get up I want 2 more pretzels". She almost ate a whole bag at one sitting the other it! Love to see her eating.
Alex City EMT is coming to pick her up and take her home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from dialysis. Me being the awesome daughter that I am I have to make sure that they dont send some ol' ugly guys so I always enquire about the boys that come to get her. The 2nd time they came to pick her up and bring her home she was in the living room with Adam and I heard her say these precious O SO MOMMA words...."Yep, they got me alllllllll fired up!". I thought I was going to tee-tee on myself. Lisa and I just cried with laughter. And you all wonder where I get my love for the male population !!! I always ask about "thu men" and she will tell me that they were cute boys.
I couldnt think of the last time I got all FIRED UP over something until I started thinking about Momma saying that. IT FIRES ME up to see my momma doing better and flirting her little ol 70 something self with a bunch of young men. IT FIRES ME UP to see my neices Madolyn, Makenly, Bailey and Macie and for them to run over to me with arms stretched out. IT FIRES ME UP when a student finally gets "it". IT FIRES ME UP when I find a 1 dollar bill stuffed in the pocket of my pants. IT FIRES ME UP when I go to church and hear awesome music. IT FIRES ME UP when a baby smiles at me.....that is so flippin' awesome ya'll.....I LOVE IT! IT FIRES ME UP when I walk into the house and my dog comes running up to me jumping and slobber going everywhere as she licks my leg. IT FIRES ME UP when I can spend time with my dear precious friends that I love so very much!
When was the last time YOU got all FIRED UP?????

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  1. I love reading your just don't write them enough.