Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whatever happened to getting your butt whooped when you talked back to an adult? I remember that in 2nd grade I was in the hall daily….literally DAILY…for talking ( I know, pick your jaw up off the floor, I know you can’t believe that I got in trouble for talking). I got spankings for talking….get THIS… school AND at home.
Whatever happened to playing outside until your momma had to come hunt you down with the neighborhood kids? You didn’t “hear” her calling your name and she came looking for you with those fuzzy slippers on and rollers in her hair screaming your name. You best have a 2X4 stuck in your head with blood splurting out like the fountain of youth or you were getting a butt whoopin’ right there on the spot, NOT WHEN YOU GOT HOME but right there in front of all the neighborhood.
Whatever happened to when you were in the store and HEARD and SAW a kid pitching a fit wanting the latest gadget and mom saying no! and the Momma, right there in front of everyone, could Mohhamed Ali you without batting an eye? Now we have “time out” and “thinking about what you did”. HA HA HA HA child puuuuuuleze, I thought about how bad my hind end was hurting after she beat me in the store and was caught on the store cameras slinging her arm like Derek Jeter hitting the baseball.
Whatever happened to walking in the house door and smelling the Grandmother cookies my mom baked all the time? Man, I miss my momma’s cooking (I know by looking at me that it is hard to believe I miss ANYONES cooking). I miss the roast with potatoes and carrots. I miss the hamburgers cooked in tomato sauce. I miss……I miss Momma. I miss her laughter and I miss her just being silly. Yes she still will laugh but not like she used to. Man I miss that laugh.
I called 2347484 lastnight and guess what? It was disconnected. HOLY COW! 2347484 was ALWAYS the way I could reach momma. I called 2347484 and she would answer on the other side. Now I get this strange woman’s voice reminding me that my life has been flipped upside down. AGGGHHHHH! Who is this chic? Who does she think she is telling me that my momma isn’t going to answer when I dial 2347484 again…..

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  1. I loved this post and believe me I ask myself this question daily. Check out my blog.... Love you girlfriend. You have a way of always making me smile!